Facts and figures

Diersch & Schröder is the story of a Bremen-based company which over the past 100 years has developed from being a lubricant and mineral oil trader to become a diversified group of companies with business activities in the fields of energy, chemicals and young business.

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Today, the DS Group employs more than 1.000 people at various locations in 25 operational subsidiaries.

These employees shape our performance and strength because they are the driving force behind our quality, efficiency and growth. 

The mindset and the activities of the team are moulded by our values and goals. Building mutual trust calls for reliability, honesty and fairness both inside and outside the company – these are the cornerstones of the DS corporate culture. At the same time, we strive for enduring, trusting business relations and partnerships instead of maximising profits at any price.

We take our responsibility towards employees, creating and preserving jobs and training junior staff very seriously. The same thing applies to corporate social responsibility, which is expressed in our DS Care initiative and the Otto Diersch Foundation.

The family’s commitment

The Karstedt family, who are the owners of the company, are now in their fourth generation and are committed to the Group’s long-term development. Management is accountable towards the owners in their efforts aimed at preserving and successfully growing the company. 

Our commitment to family also extends to our employees’ own families. With the “Career, Family and Health” programme, we promote an appropriate balance between private and professional life.

Working for the good of the region

The DS Care initiative provides practical help wherever it is needed.

Under the motto “committed to the region”, DS supports, for example, the F-level youth football team of TV Bremen-Walle 1875 e. V. and the D-level youth team of ATSV Sebaldsbück 1905 e. V. on a long-term basis. Among other things, it provides the team uniforms for the children.

Otto Diersch Foundation

On 5 December 2002, the Otto Diersch Foundation was established by Ingeborg Karstedt and her sons Bernd, Axel and Svend to mark the company founder’s 100th birthday. 

The main purpose of the foundation is to promote youth sports and welfare, education and the international exchange of young people primarily in Bremen. The proceeds from the foundation’s assets are used not only to support charitable organisations pursuing these aims but also to finance its own projects.

Mission statement: growth - but not at any price

We are aware of our possibilities but also of our limits. Stability and sustainability are at the forefront of our all our actions to preserve the DS Group’s long-term independence. On the basis of stable liquidity and entrepreneurial risk awareness, we open up new markets in attractive business segments that contribute to the Group’s national and international growth.

DS is open and flexible for new companies and partnerships, but also promotes new ideas as an investor.

Independent through long-term value growth: The DS Advisory Council

In 1994, the shareholders of Diersch & Schröder GmbH & Co. KG set up an Advisory Council to advise the management of Diersch & Schröder Holding. The purpose of the Advisory Council is to safeguard the Group’s continued existence as a family-owned company in the long term.