Motivated employees who identify with DS are the driving force behind quality, efficiency and growth.
At our company, there are no limits to their scope for career development. Whenever you have the feeling that it is time to expand or deepen your knowledge, to explore fields of work, positions or places, we will work with you to find the right solution.

Practical competence is more important to us than formalism.

When we say that competence is the most important thing to be part of the DS Group, we mean in Hanseatic terms: Those who can, can. Proven qualifications, certificates and certificates are fundamental. But even more than paper, the Group benefits from special skills, great diligence and extraordinary team spirit. After all, we are not looking for employees who want to rest on their laurels, but for people who want to become better and better together with us.

Whether coaching for personal development or specialist further training - we support employees individually and according to their needs.

Michael Hohmann, Head of Personnel, Diersch & Schröder GmbH & Co. KG

Those who want to take on responsibility do not necessarily need the highest academic title of the department - instead, the concrete performance "on the job" is decisive in DS Group.

It would contradict the Hanseatic understanding to build up formal barriers for a successful career because an academic title is missing. Perhaps the best example of this is one of our managing directors. He started as an intern at DS Group many years ago and was very convincing. That's not the rule, of course, but it shows that with the right attitude and performance, anything is possible with us.

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