Young talents

We relish fresh new talent, both trainees and other career beginners.

Our comprehensive and well-founded training gives our young professionals a high-quality entry into the world of work. With this "admission ticket" we start together into a professional future with exciting and varied tasks and development opportunities. Your professional training has been very important to us since the company was founded. Let us shape and change the future together with pleasure, enthusiasm and ability.

The DS Group regularly offers various training positions including:

„We are looking for new employees who would like to help shape the DS Group’s future together with us and who also wish to embark on change processes with us. To do this, employees have to look beyond the confines of their own departments.“

Jan Christiansen, CEO Diersch & Schröder

The trainees of the DS Group.
During the traditional trainee onboarding days, all new DS Group trainees get to know each other,

A good education is an important part of a professional career, so I am happy to support the trainees in this respect. I enjoy seeing how the trainees develop and I am happy to contribute to this. It's a great feeling when former trainees can slowly take over important functions in the company themselves.

Mirja Prigge, Ausbildungsbeauftragte Diersch & Schröder

Trainees spend time in several different departments of the respective company to which they are assigned

As a medium-sized holding company with international operations in petroleum, energy, chemicals and promising young businesses we offer trainees the opportunity of getting to know many facets of the industry. Within the DS Group this entails several stints in different departments as well as in different Group companies.

Our trainees spend two to three months in the individual (specialist) departments. It is important for new members of our team to understand the individual perspectives as seen from sales, purchasing and logistics. And when this is done in various DS Group companies, our trainees are able to gain a new outlook and a wealth of experience. Extensive feedback discussions between the trainee and the trainer after each stint help to reinforce this perspective, allowing trainees to continuously make the most of their own potential.

These varied stints during the training course provide the basis for even broader practical experience and this is something that makes training at DS something really special.

I like to motivate the trainees so that they enjoy their work.

Janina Holtmann, Training Officer DS-Mineralöl

„I liked doing my apprenticeship in the DS Group because, despite working at DS card + drive, I was able to get to know the whole company and a lot of practical work is done in addition to the theory.“

Ilka Tirrel,
Commercial Employee

[Translate to English:] Jannik Schnebeck

Jannik Schnebeck,
Apprentice in wholesale and foreign trade

„People & Markets - the training at DS is very versatile and varied due to the broad-based company. I particularly like the familiar working atmosphere and the practical exchange with colleagues.“

„During my apprenticeship at DS card + drive I was allowed to take over tasks on my own responsibility early on. Now I have been working for 12 years in the area I liked best.“

Timo Czerwanski,
Authorized signatory, Head of Controlling/Operations

[Translate to English:] Nadine Brammer

Nadine Brammer,
Assistant to the management

„I completed my training in the company 20 years ago. Meanwhile, I am leading a team myself, I train myself and I am still there with a lot of joy.“

Trainees are fully involved from day one

We apply the “Training on the job” approach throughout the entire training period. Trainees and young professionals are immediately integrated into day-to-day business operations not as an anonymous “production factor” but as part of the DS team. They always keep ahead of the operational process, this being an important principle for us to show that trainers are not cheap labour for us but tomorrow’s gold. When a trainee needs more time to learn more about the theoretical underpinnings of the job, we understand this and duly take it into consideration. This is exactly what training is for: comprehensive and optimum practical and theoretical vocational learning.

DS Group trainees are also acquainted with the holding company’s accounting department

Many processes converge in the accounting department. DS Group trainees spend two to three months in the holding company’s accounting department as part of their training in the respective subsidiaries in order to gain an understanding of the important internal business processes.
Employees at DS-Mineralöl GmbH and DS card + drive particularly work closely together and increasingly integrate young potentials into the DS Group’s interdisciplinary processes. This ensures a smooth transition from training to the work process on both sides, i.e. for our trainees as well as the respective companies.

If required, we offer our trainees language courses, support them in preparing for exams and give them additional tuition in accounting.

Apprentices at DS are motivated and supporting them is simply fun. It is great to see how the trainees develop and apply the knowledge they have acquired.

Michael Ohlms, Training Officer WESER-PATROL

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