More than the sum of its parts:

Who better to explain what Diersch & Schröder is than the people who work here? For this reason, we simply asked our employees what DS means to them personally and have summarised their opinions here for you.

DS is ...


"I like honesty and at DS we have honest, family-like cooperation in a spirit of friendly competition. Of course, may duties at the tank farm are also DS for me, but working together is what a company is all about. It's important for me that not everyone does their own thing, but that colleagues treat each other openly, honestly and in a friendly way."

Michael Ohlms, WESER-PETROL

„You're special here.
It's not like other big companies where you're just a number. We're one big DS family and these are not just empty words.

There is a feeling of belonging together here - this can be seen from the many “family events” within the DS family, where we travel together, such as the company run and the “cabbage trip” event.
I enjoy coming to work here!”

Marten Timmermann, trainee at DS-Mineralöl


„DS is a group with strong traditions, but a very business-oriented mindset. The company's values have not changed despite its growth and internationalisation. For me, DS is the balance between tradition and growth. Its roots make us strong and open to change.“

Jens Becker, LEVACO Chemicals



„When I think of DS as a whole, the first thing that springs to my mind is the family, the Karstedt family of shareholders and the general family atmosphere here with colleagues, but also with customers. This is not something that can be taken for granted.
And for me personally, DS is about pursuing a career from trainee to managing director, if I’m lucking enough! That's what I am.“

Ian Petri, DS-Mineralöl GmbH

„DS always supports you. They are always able to work something out for me, allowing me to combine my uni studies and work. And I think it's pretty cool that DS donates to the Boy Scouts.”

Laura Weißbon

„DS is a way of life, an event, an experience. Privately as well as professionally. We’re one big family here. It’s quite different from my earlier jobs.”

Marco Rümper

DS is … a solid, down-to-earth company that has existed for generations. The family still stands behind it and goes in and out here on a daily basis.

„For me, DS is one big family and includes all my colleagues of course. You can already tell during job interviews whether someone fits in at DS or not. The DS staff are an independent, cohesive people in their own right, something that I’ve noticed again and again over the years. They come up with the most incredible ideas: For my 25th anniversary of working for the company, for example, they met on the weekend and painted a huge banner. When I came into the office on Monday and looked out of the window, I saw it suspended from the whole tank.

It’s about getting things done together. DS is special – in every respect.“

Wolfgang Zornow, WESER-PETROL – with the company for 48 years


„DS is the place where I feel I have finally arrived. And I hope I can grow old here.”

Lia Kuttler

„DS is geared towards the long term. Subsidiaries are held and not immediately jettisoned when the going gets tough. Strategic growth instead of short-term tactics - that's DS. A handshake still means something here, Hanseatic, down-to-earth and with strong roots in its home city, but always open to new ideas.”

Johannes von Cossel, Additiv-Chemie Luers



„What I immediately think of in connection with DS is the help we receive to achieve a good life/work balance. For me as a mother, this has been a stroke of luck from the outset. 

I appreciate the open communications, the short distances and the flat hierarchies. There are many ways of getting involved here without a bureaucratic jungle.”

Jana Feike, DS-Mineral Oil


„We don't need expensive teambuilding measures - we have Christmas parties together, cabbage trips, the company run…

At DS the individual counts. Every single employee is important.

DS always finds a solution. I switched from trading to NewEn and am now at DSM. There has always been a route for personal development.”

Silke Bode, DS-Mineralöl

DS means that every employee feels appreciated. One good example of this is the annual meeting for former staff. DS is committed to social concerns. Through the foundation and also internally with qualitrain, company social counselling, kindergarten support, ebikes, allowances towards glasses …


„For me, DS primarily means great colleagues. In fact, close friendships have developed over time.

I enjoy coming to work because the atmosphere is so pleasant. If the working conditions are right, you can also work more effectively because you motivate each other and there is a strong feeling of pulling together. 

People count here and are not just a number for the company. The feel-good factor is guaranteed in many areas.

DS is continuing to evolve. It is now also focusing on new business areas.”

Nadine Brammer, DS card + drive


„DS is ... exciting every day. Because we always find new solutions for our customers. We react flexibly and quickly when goods are needed somewhere or a ship breaks down ... No two days are ever alike.”

Stefanie Kuhnke and Marc Bauermeister

"From my very first day, I felt very welcome here and have always found that there is a sympathetic ear for me when things don't run smoothly. The Advent coffee table was a wonderful initiative that brought us all together in the hectic pre-Christmas period to enjoy moments together over coffee and cake. I really enjoy working here and I always enjoy coming back to work. "

Astrid Dittmann,
Service employee at Diersch & Schröder

Astrid Dittmann, DS