Ultimately “Made in Germany” means that we deliver real quality

Johann von Cossel, General Representative and former Managing Director of ACL, on the obligations that come with the commitment to quality – and what companies need to do in order to deliver on this commitment

“Made in Germany” has two sides, depending on what perspective you’re looking at it from. For decades, it has been a seal of quality for customers, which is usually rewarded with a vote of confidence. As a manufacturer of chemical products within the DS Group, our aim is to manufacture products of the highest possible quality so that we can continue to earn this trust. Seen in this light, the “Made in Germany” commitment to quality has many facets for us. In this article we discuss the most important ones in greater detail.

Made in Germany means understanding our customers’ world

We have customers in many countries around the world. “Made in Germany” has a fundamentally positive meaning there, because our customers – no matter whether they are in Thailand, Taiwan or Brazil – appreciate quality. But when we travel to customers, they expect something from us as well.

In our industry, “Made in Germany” is definitely a promise of quality. But companies have to constantly earn it with their products. They must demonstrate what they are capable of, so to speak.

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Companies must also maintain quality in the long term. Many customers demand and expect something from “Made in Germany”. Our experience has shown that a close exchange with our customers is important in order to fully understand their requirements and wishes. We often spend many hours talking to each other to discuss and come up with solutions together – or to make a viable recommendation.

Additive Chemistry Luers GmbH
Additiv-Chemie Luers (ACL) ACL is an independent manufacturer of additives for metalworking fluids, corrosion protection, industrial lubricants and cleaners in the DS Group. With over 50 years of experience, comprehensive expertise and solutions individually tailored to customer needs, ACL is one of the leading producers in Europe.

“Made in Germany” means innovation and reliability

Our company is also an innovation driver, as is typical for many German companies. We enjoy developing things and making them even better. For example, we are currently working on the water hardness independence of various products. 
Although the seal of quality opens doors, only those who deliver quality – even in the face of changing requirements – will survive on the market in the long run. In Germany we are accustomed to constant change in products and manufacturing processes. And customers can be sure that our products always meet the latest legal requirements.

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“Made in Germany” increasingly means environment- friendly products

In addition to optimum application properties, environmental compatibility is  an important criterion in the selection of raw materials for example. This is one of the hallmarks of “Made in Germany”.

For example, we are currently developing biocide-free cooling lubricants that have the same good, if not better, properties as conventional biocide-based products. At the DS Group, we attach great importance to sustainable development.

There is also an international trend towards environment- friendly products, especially in Northern Europe. However, the more customers are exposed to price pressure, the more they often have to be convinced of the advantages of environment-friendly products and manufacturing processes. This is also a question of mentality and the applicable national legal requirements.

Achieving ever lower labelling is our express goal with regard to the environment.

“Made in Germany” means tailor-made products at an attractive price

We have had good and trusting business relationships with our customers for many years. In many cases, we have been doing business with the companies for many years and know what they are working on – and what they need. We value the direct contact with our customers and are regularly available for talks in person.
By sharing ideas with our customers, we quickly develop a feeling for what the company is up to and can offer the right products. We also advise our customers and suggest alternatives. Our products are sometimes in need of explanation and customers expect detailed individual advice on special chemical contents. This is usually done by one of our employees, who can support customers with his or special expertise.

“Made in Germany” means addressing the whole world as a family-run business

ACL is a subsidiary of the DS Group. The DS Group is developing its business lines strategically. As a family-run business, we are not dependent on external investors. We think in terms of generations rather than quarters. In doing so, we offer our subsidiaries the greatest possible independence and long-term support. We think locally and operate internationally. Continuity in our customer relations, reliability as an employer and the cautious further development of our business are just some of the classic strengths of which we are proud as a family-run business.

We also develop tailor-made solutions. The industry knows this and we have a reputation for making things happen.

“Made in Germany” means  openness and honesty

“Made in Germany” reflects the fact that we deliver what we promise. As Germans, we are known abroad for speaking our minds. This is unfamiliar to some and may not seem very endearing – but it has a great advantage in that customers always know where they stand and receive clear information. And what we promise, we keep. When it comes to our products, you can rest assured that all the contents have been duly declared.

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Johann von Cossel is General Representative and former Managing Director of Additiv-Chemie Luers GmbH. He has been with the company since 1986, during which time he has expanded and developed the company’s activities within the DS Group.

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