1,800 climate-resistant trees planted in Oldenburg

On March 22, 2024, as part of the "Planting Trees for Lower Saxony" initiative, we established a DS Forest in Wardenburg (Oldenburg district). We sponsored a total of 1,800 climate-resilient trees.

Led by the Eriksen Foundation and supported by 24 dedicated employees from various DS companies, the planting project was a resounding success. Equipped with rubber boots and shovels, we worked together to plant the young trees in just three hours. We then used the remaining time to sow flower seeds, further promoting biodiversity in the newly created green space.

"Our vision was to plant a new tree for each employee. Together, these trees—much like our dedicated team—form a strong and harmonious community, our DS Forest. This analogy represents the continuous development of our employees within the DS Group. As a family-owned company, we strongly identify with values such as progress, sustainability, and growth."

Jan Christiansen, CEO of DS Group