Green hydrogen for Bremerhaven

HY.City.Bremerhaven reaches important milestone

As part of our ongoing mission to promote the sustainable use of energy, we are pleased to inform you about the latest developments at HY.City.Bremerhaven. The Diersch & Schröder Group is a shareholder and, as one of six partners, a proud part of the HY.City.Bremerhaven consortium, which develops, plans, realises and operates commercial plants for the production and refuelling of green hydrogen.

2 megawatt electrolyser delivered

Following the announcement of the construction of a powerful 2-megawatt electrolyser for the sustainable production of hydrogen from wind energy and the construction of a public hydrogen refuelling station in front of the Bremerhaven public transport depot, work is now in full swing. In recent weeks, two electrolysers have been delivered to the construction site in the Speckenbüttel industrial estate, marking the last major components for the HY.City.Bremerhaven H2 production facility.

"That's enough to refuel 33 buses every day"

Andreas Wellbrock, Managing Director of HY.City.Bremerhaven