DS-Mineralöl utilises innovative enzyme technology from XBEE

Our subsidiary DS-Mineralöl GmbH proudly presents its latest product line, RedXL fuels, which now utilise XBEE's high-tech enzyme technology.

What sets RedXL fuels apart?

RedXL fuels powered by XBEE feature a complex blend of natural enzymes derived from plant extracts. These enzymes facilitate quicker and more efficient combustion, along with extended longevity. Molecular modification of the fuels not only promotes optimal combustion but also enhances shelf life. RedXL fuels can be used in all fossil and biological fuels, in particular they promote continuous water degradation in biofuels and can thus prevent fungal and mould infestation.

Motorraum ohne RedXL

Engine compartment of a ship's tank without product mixture.

Motorrausm RedXL

Engine compartment with product mixture after 10 months.

Icon CO2

4-10% Reduction in CO2 Emissions and 10-20% Reduction in NOx Emissions

Icon Luftverschmutzung

30-40% Less Soot and Particle Emissions in Mineral Fuels


Fuel Savings Between 4 and 10% and Reduced Engine Wear