Otto Diersch (1902 – 1981)
Otto Diersch

Our founders: a daring start in troubled times

In 1920 Otto Diersch founded the Diersch & Schröder company. With his keen sense for what customers want, his ideas and his drive and embracing of diversification, a global corporate group emerged.

Wolfgang Karstedt (1923 – 1998)
Wolfgang Karstedt

The tradition: Daring to do new things based on a proven course

In 1954 Wolfgang Karstedt, son-in-law of Otto Diersch, began working for the company. Under his leadership, business in lubricants was expanded to become a gas-oil import business and the Chemicals Division was created. At the same time, sizeable investments were made in fuel depot facilities, shipping and chemicals.

Bernd Karstedt (1979 - 2010; ab 2011 Vorsitz des DS Beirats)
Bernd Karstedt

The future: Securing a viable future with new ideas

In 1979 Bernd Karstedt joined the company and – with his father Wolfgang Karstedt – became a Managing Director of Diersch & Schröder Holding. Together they bolstered the traditional business segments, expanded growth internationally and broke into the alternative energy marke

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