Work-life balance – an important issue for DS

Being a family owned business, it is a self-evident for DS to support its employees in keeping the balance between work and private life. This is a win-win-situation for both sides because the motivation and happiness of our employees is the basis for our long-term company success.

In 2008, DS’ family friendly personnel and company policy was certified through the Hertie-Foundation. Since then, DS continues to work on its family friendly policies.



audit - Work-life balance
Bernd Karstedt, owner of the DS company group, at the first granting of the certficate in Berlin with the former Federal Minister for Family Affairs Dr. Ursula von der Leyen and Dagmar Wöhrl, chairwoman of the Committee for Economic Cooperation

The measures realized so far by DS offer not only practical and helpful solutions for working parents, but also support employees in taking care of children and other family members as well as their own health as a part of DS’s health management program.

  • Promotion of health through e.g. company fitness
  • Subsidization of daycare for children under 3 years old
  • Subsidization of supervision for children’s vacation program
  • Flexible work in emergency situations
  • In-house social counselling


In addition, there are a number of other measures taken.

The Work & Family work group consists of employees from the holding and different DS companies. They meet several times a year to discuss, plan and realize the measures to be put into action.


Beruf & Familie
Audited by the Hertie Stiftung:                                               11/2008 + 6/2012


Since 2015, Diersch & Schröder continues a voluntary self-regulation to bring the demands of work and family on its employees together under a family-friendly personnel approach.



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