Modular IT services. Optimal solutions.

FLEXXM makes high quality IT components and services available that are not purchased, rather only leased. With FLEXXM, MEKOS offers business customers the most comprehensive and flexible Manager Services that are currently offered in Germany.The goal? Make IT as easy as possible for the customers  - in understanding and in daily use. 


The way IT has become complex and  is perceived by most customers as even more complex. This is why MEKOS has scrutinized the IT and divided it into performance areas:  

  1. Datacenter
  2. Virtual Infrastructure
  3. Storage
  4. Network
  5. Firewall
  6. Backup and Recovery
  7. Software
  8. Services
  9. Device Management

MEKOS has split these performance areas into modules. This resulted in a module set from which all that a company needs for IT can be combined in modules and leased on demand. For IT challenges occurring often, MEKOS offers FLEXX packs - for example data security, IBM Power Server or telephony. You can book these directly as packs or individualized. 


The advantages of FLEXXM

• Best hardware and software with investments

• Absolute cost control thanks to monthly invoices and fixed usage prices

• Data is saved in our Bremen data center without exception


ISO certified and absolutely secure FLEXXM is the first product on the market that has been consequently realized from front to back with the Cloud in mind, places great importance on security and still integrates individual service. 




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