How we see ourseleves

The Diersch & Schröder (DS) Group was founded in 1920 and is an independent, family-owned company operating in the areas of mineral oil, alternative energy, chemicals and IT. DS has a strong connection to Bremen, Germany with its company headquarters located in Bremen.
DS views the ever-changing market environment both as a future challenge and opportunity for each of its businesses. For DS, a medium-sized company, this means continuing to grow as a business while identifying and entering into marketing segments offering great potential for the future.

The DS Group's strength and ability to perform come from its employees. The way our workforce thinks and acts is guided by our goals and values. DS upholds the importance of acting responsibly toward our employees, creating and securing jobs and providing the youngest members of our company opportunity for learning and development.
Accepting responsibly within society is expressed by the Otto Diersch Foundation, which was founded by the company's owners and the employee initiative DS Care..


A sense of obligation to family
"What you have inherited from your ancestors, make it your own“
Now in its fourth generation, the Karstedt family, owner of the DS companies, has shown its long-term commitment to the group. Management has assumed an obligation to the company owners to preserve and successfully continue to develop the company. This obligation towards the owners also extends to the family of DS company employees. For its commitment in this regard, in 2008, the company was given a certification for balancing professional life and family commitments by the German Hertie Foundation..

Thriftiness adds up to liquidity
„Von Sporen un Wohren kümmt Hebben von her“
Cost consciousness and a conservative policy of paying out dividends are important underlying principles in maintaining continuity and long-term independence for the Group.

"You can live well without being a major player.“
As a small to medium-sized company, DS is aware what it is capable of and where its limits are, concentrating on business in appealing niche markets.

Willingness to change
"You can only thrive by changing.“
DS sees the faster and faster pace of change as a positive element as well as an incentive for continuing to innovatively develop existing business segments and creating new ones.

Openness for fair partnership
"Business deals are conducted between people.“
Establishing mutual trust requires reliability, honesty and fairness both within your company and towards others – these are basic principles of the DS corporate culture.

A high degree of motivation for work
"If it were that simple, the others could do it too.“
A motivated workforce which identifies with DS is the driving force for quality, efficiency and growth.

Team spirit and fun
"Look toward the sun, not into a mouse hole“
DS views itself as a performance-minded team which is able to be tolerant of missteps while demonstrating the seriousness of day-to-day business, yet not forgetting to laugh along the way.


Our long-term company strategy forms the basis for stable profitability and the creation of sustainable values. Based on stable earning power and corporate risk awareness, new markets will be penetrated which contribute to domestic and international market growth within the group of companies.
DS is open and flexible for new ventures and cooperations and also invests seed money in innovation. While doing so, DS strives to cultivate long-term business relationships and partnerships founded on trust.

The path we follow

The sustainable company success is based on threefold pillars:

1. Satisfied customers

Our customer relationships aim toward long-term and trusting collaboration. The high quality of DS products and services lay the decisive groundwork for working together. In day-to-day business, this means:
- Focussing on customer requirements
- Fairness when dealing with each other
- Individual advice and reliability

2. Motivated employees
Qualified and committed employees form the backbone of the DS Group of companies. Their self-reliant thinking and action contributes to achieving our group-wide objectives. How we deal with each other is characterized by:
- Fairness and respect
- Team spirit and open communication
- Actively knowledge sharing

3. A dedicated management team
DS relies on trust when dealing with employees. Forward-looking, committed management is exercised by setting an example and delegating responsibility. Identifying opportunities, managing risk and promoting individual strengths stand at the heart of our management philosophy at DS.

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