Trafolube GmbH

Analysis, disposal, recycling and production of transformers and specialty oils.


As a certified waste management company based in Duisburg, Trafolube GmbH is focused on processing used transformer oils and producing high-quality base oils. The basis of the recycling process is the adsorption of oxidation products on suitable materials, whereby the latter is also is regenerated in the process. The result is an environmentally friendly, resource-saving and sustainable mode of production without the generation of new wastes.


Among other possibilities for use, the base oils produced through this process can be used for the production of transformer oils according to VDE 0370 and IEC 60296 specifications. The base oils are also suitable for the development and production of other products, especially industrial lubricants.


Trafolubes products are based on decades of experience in the lubricants industry - Tribology - in collaboration with customers.



• Production of high-quality transformer oils

• Oil Recycling (waste-free) and processing of base oils

• Industrial lubricants formulated from base oils

• Production of defined base oils with consistent quality

• Logistics - draining of transformer oil regeneration using regeneration


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