Additiv-Chemie Luers GmbH

Additiv-Chemie Luers (ACL) is an independent manufacturer of additives for metalworking fluids, corrosion protection, industrial lubricants and cleansing agents. With over five decades of experience, deep industry knowledge and solutions which cater for specific customer requirements, ACL is one of Europe’s leading producers in this area and serves its customers in Germany and internationally.

The products offered by ACL through its international sales network are formulated based on the most recent regulatory requirements. In addition to application characteristics, environmental compatibility is an important criterion in the selection of raw ingredients.

ACL's range of products includes the following:


Additives for metalworking fluids:

  • Corrosion and rust inhibitors
  • Non-ionic emulsifiers
  • Defoamers
  • Dewatering additives
  • Extreme Pressure (EP) Additive
  • Tackiness agents for mineral oil
  • Organophosphates
  • Synthetic specialty esters
  • Additives and emulsifiers for industrial cleaners
  • Sodium, barium, calcium and amine petroleum sulfonates
  • Various additive packages for formulating water- and oil-miscible metalworking fluids
  • Special products for metalworking applications and release agents


Additiv-Chemie Luers has its own production equipment at its company site, conveniently located near the A1 motorway – with good connections to Bremen's ports.

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